Indigenous art handmade to fit IKEA


Craft is where environment meets culture; Wabbani preserves both.

Wabbani is a social enterprise benefiting remote, indigenous crafters of handmade, culturally-authentic home décor that personalizes IKEA home furnishings.


Alice Kitchen Before-wplus.jpg

Although much loved for its modern and affordable home furnishings, IKEA’s neutral colors and modular designs yield interiors that can feel impersonal and bland.


Artisans in remote settings handcraft beautiful objects but lack access to global markets to sell their wares.


Wabbani customizes interiors with beautiful, handcrafted add-ons designed to exactly fit IKEA furnishings, while indigenous artists earn income and reap the benefits of Wabbani’s revenue-sharing model.


A word of Arawak origin, “Wabbani” means “platform,” as in, a hunter’s treetop hide. Wabbani is an ecommerce platform for remote crafters all over the world, connecting them with the global market for home furnishings. Our aim is to preserve endangered cultures and habitats by creating the village-based jobs that keep families and communities intact, and crafts alive.